BPI Certification Training
BPI certified professionals are specialists in their chosen field(s). By attaining your certification, you demonstrate your knowledge and skills are among the best in the country – capable of diagnosing critical performance factors in a home that impact comfort, health, safety, durability and energy efficiency.  You can choose to achieve one designation, or expand your skill set to encompass all of them. Remember – all BPI certified professional designations are based on house-as-a-system fundamental building science. The designations are not meant to take the place of your other qualifications, but to enhance them and build upon them to make you one of the most valuable contributors to the home performance industry.  Why become BPI Certified. BPI Certified Professional designations.

BPI – Building Analyst – Building Analyst prepares students for the Building Performance Institute’s written and field exams. The course covers general health and safety requirements, building science, basic building diagnostics approach to calculating heat/cooling loss, and combustion appliance testing. By using the house-as-a-system approach, students go beyond a traditional energy audit to perform comprehensive, whole-home assessments, identify problems at the root cause and prescribe and prioritize solutions based on building science and are able to make recommendations to clients for a more comfortable, safe, and durable and energy efficient home. There are no prerequisites for this Certification course.
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Price: $1550     Class Schedules and Registration

BPI – Envelope – Building Envelope training is a residential specialization that focuses on ways to enhance the envelope’s thermal and pressure boundaries through insulation and air sealing techniques. The BPI Envelope certification in conjunction with the Building Analyst certification will make your company eligible to apply for accreditation (if your company is in an industry field i.e. insulation, weatherization, window installation company etc.). Accreditation can be useful for acquiring various state-specific incentives. As an individual this course will prepare you to understand not only how to analyze a home, but help you to understand why the process is so important. Every home is different, and it is important to understand not only what is happening, but why problems related to the building envelope such as moisture, ice dams, mildew and drafts were created in the first place.  There are no prerequisites  for this Certification course.
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Price: $775     Class Schedules and Registration

BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Combo
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Price: $2150     Class Schedules and Registration

BPI – Air Conditioning and Heat Pump – AC Heat Pump training is a residential specialization that focuses on understanding the role of these systems within the whole home and how to diagnose and correct problems properly to achieve peak performance.  Prerequisites  for this Certification course are EPA Type II Certification.
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Price:$900     Class Schedules and Registration

Mentoring sessions are available upon request for both BPI and RESNET Certifications.  Energy Conservation Group’s trainers will work one on one with students to pass certification tests, complete probationary audits and/or improve and expand basic skills taught in training courses.  Appointments are made in 4 hour blocks of time.
Price: $300     Class Schedules and Registration

RESNET Certification Training
In this new energy environment, individuals with the skills of RESNET certified Home Energy Raters will be much in demand.  Among the many business opportunities for Energy Raters are the following.
• Assist builders in constructing new energy efficient buildings.
• Assist building owners in making cost-effective energy efficient improvements.
• Diagnose energy, comfort, air quality and moisture problems in existing buildings.
• Assist builders in meeting new building code requirements in most cost effective manner.
• Qualify builders and homeowners for federal and state tax credits and rebates.
• Quantify and verify energy savings to assist utilities in meeting new federal requirements.
• Document compliance with building energy codes.
Obtaining and maintaining RESNET certification requires a commitment to study and continuing professional improvement.  Candidates are required to complete an initial five- to six-day training by a RESNET certified trainer, pass a national computer-administered examination and conduct five supervised ratings.   For continuing education and quality assurance, certified Raters are then required to affiliate with a certified RESNET provider of their choice.

RESNET – HERS Rater Certification
Energy Conservation Group’s HERS Rater trainers will instruct you in the knowledge necessary to provide homeowners and home builders a detailed analysis of energy consumption and money saving energy conservation strategies.  In this course you will learn how to help builders and architects improve home energy efficiency using the house-as-a-system approach.  We will teach you the basics of building science, energy modeling, and how to conduct a rating on a home. There are no prerequisites  for this Certification course.                                                                                                      Details: Click for course outline.
Price: $1550     Class Schedules and Registration

BPI Building Analyst Training/Certification RESNET HERS Training/Certification BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Combo