Air Leaks
Leakage accounts for the majority of your homes’ energy losses.  As part of a Comprehensive Home Energy Assessment a blower door test is performed on the building envelope to determine the volume of leakage in the building envelope.  This test will diagnose any problem areas of excessive leakage between the envelope and the outdoors, as well as identify any potential indoor air quality issues in the building.   A plan of action for sealing envelope leakage can be made.
Duct Leaks
Ductwork carries the air that you are paying to heat and cool throughout the house.  The national average for duct leakage is 30%.  Imagine if 30% of the gas that you pumped into your car leaked out onto the ground.  That is what is most likely happening in your duct system.  Our diagnostic equipment (duct blaster) can measure the amount of leakage and help track down where those leaks are occurring.

An independent Energy Assessment (Audit) will ensure an unbiased evaluation of your home.  Our goal is not to sell you a product but to help educate you about your home and help map out a plan to save money, increase comfort and ensure the health and safety of you and your family.

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